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In this Web Quest, students will continue their work with integers by exploring points of elevation on the Web. Students will choose ten points of elevations from selected web sites – one of these points of elevation will be their mystery location. Using the skills they have learned in Chapter 6 of Nelson Mathematics 7, such as comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting integers, students will create clues for their mystery point of elevation. They will exchange their clues and list of ten elevation points with a partner. The partner will then guess which point of elevation in the list is the mystery location.

This Web Quest provides a twist on the Chapter 6 Task: Mystery Integer (Nelson Mathematics 7, p. 222).


7m1 compare, order, and represent integers
7m10 compare and order integers (e.g., on a number line)
7m21 represent the addition and subtraction of integers using concrete materials, drawings, and symbols
7m22 add integers, with and without the use of manipulatives


paper and pencil
calculator (optional)
counters (optional)
number line (optional)




Have you ever stood on a hill or mountain and wondered how high up you are? Finding out the elevation of a place would answer this question. Elevation is the height of land, like a mountain or a valley, in relation to sea level. Do you think it is possible for land to be below sea level? Do you wonder where the highest elevation in the world is? What about the lowest?


As a group, read the Introduction. Discuss with students possible answers to the questions presented.



As a world explorer, you decide to travel to a location that you have found information about on the Internet. You want people to guess the elevation of the location you are in. To create a puzzle, you choose ten different points of elevation in the world using the Internet. One of these points will be your mystery location. You then create five clues for your point of elevation. Provide people who want to solve your puzzle with your list of ten elevation points and your clues. Follow the steps in Parts A, B, & C to complete your quest.

Note: Part A and B of the Task can be done individually or in pairs.

Together, read the Task section of the Web Quest. Ensure that students are clear on what is expected of them.

Part A

1. Choose ten points of elevation from the web sites listed below. The points of elevation you choose must include:

  • the highest elevation in the province you live in
  • the highest elevation in the world
  • the lowest elevation in the world
  • one point of elevation from each continent
  • at least five of the places you choose must have an elevation below sea level

2. Click on the following links to visit the web sites:

Nation Master - Lowest Elevations   

Nation Master - Highest Elevations

World Land Areas and Elevations   

Exxun - Elevation Extremes   

Statistics Canada


Make a list that includes the name of each location and the elevation of each location measured in metres (m).



Part B

1. Choose one location from your list to be your mystery location.

2. Make up a set of five clues that will allow others to guess the elevation of your mystery location. Do not reveal the name of your location in your clues and make sure none of your clues reveal the exact elevation of your location. Also, make sure your clues only lead to one possible answer.


Your clues must:

  • include addition of integers
  • include subtraction of integers
  • compare integers
  • involve opposite integers


Part C

1. Exchange your list and clues with a partner. Have him or her try to find your mystery location.

2. Once both you and your partner think you have found each other's mystery location, join up and find out if you are correct. Discuss with your partner if there are any possible ways to improve your clues.

3. Make any necessary changes to your clues.