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Surf for More Math

Lesson 7 - Communicating about Graphs


Use the following interactive activity to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning how to communicate about graphs. Students can do this activity on their own or in pairs.


Make inferences and convincing arguments that are based on analyzing data and on trends.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 108-110

Instructions for Use

Cricket Chirps allows students to choose data from published sources to make inferences and convincing arguments based on analyzing data.

To use Cricket Chirps scroll down to find Cricket Chirps in the yellow menu, and click the "Accept Data Set" button.

Click the "Histogram" button, and make sure "Single" is selected. Choose a variable on the right hand side of the workspace (try "Chirps/sec"). Input the number of bins (between 1 and100) and click the "Update" button.

Click the "Scatter plot" button, and choose the x-variable, and the y-variable on the right hand side of the workspace. Press the "Update" button. Do NOT check the "Blank Plot" box in the upper left of the screen. Click the "Regression" and "Statistics"' check boxes to show the data.

Finally click the "Display Data" button on the top row to show the number of chirps/second at 15 different temperatures.

This is a very complex applet. By following the description above, students can analyze the data using several methods and make inferences on trends.