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Surf for More Math

Lesson 3 - Solving Rate Problems


Use the following interactive activity to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning how to solve rate problems. Students can do this activity on their own or in pairs.


Determining equivalent rates to solve rate problems.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 46-49

Instructions for Use

Equivalent Rates lets students calculate the number of kilometres per litre of gas a car consumes in a month and in a year.

To use Equivalent Rates, input answers in the first five text boxes, and click the "Calculate" button to find the kilometres per hour and the gas expenses per month and year. (You may want to suggest to students reasonable numbers based on your experience driving a car.) Then enter a higher km/L figure for comparison in the text box. Click the "Calculate" button again to find the amount of money that could be saved if the car got better gas mileage.