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Web Quests




As you were standing at the top of a hill or a mountain, have you ever asked yourself, How high up am I? Finding out the elevation of a place would answer this question. Elevation is the height of something like a mountain or a town in relation to a reference point; usually sea level. Is it possible for a place to be below sea level? Where is the highest elevation in the world? What about the lowest?


paper and pencil
calculator (optional)
counters (optional)
number line (optional)


Using the World Wide Web, you will find data on the elevation of ten different points in the world. You will choose two of these points of elevation to be your mystery locations. You will create 5 clues for each point, which another person will use to guess your mystery locations.

Part A
1. Visit some of the following websites to find out about different elevations.

Nation Master - Lowest Elevations

Nation Master - Highest Elevations

World Land Areas and Elevations

Exxun - Elevation Extremes

Statistics Canada


2. Choose ten points of elevation. Your data should include the following::

  • the highest elevation in the province you live in
  • the highest elevation in the world
  • the lowest elevation in the world
  • one point of elevation from each continent
  • at least five of the places you choose must have an elevation below sea level

*Make sure you record only elevations that are measured in metres (m).

3. Display your data in a table.

Part B
1. Choose two locations from your table.

2. Make up a set of five clues that will allow others to guess the elevation of your locations. Do not reveal the name of your locations.  Make sure none of your clues reveal the exact elevation of your locations.

Your clues must:

  • include addition of integers
  • include subtraction of integers
  • compare integers
  • include the word opposite


Part C
1. Exchange your table and clues with a partner. Have him or her try to find your mystery locations.

2. Once both you and your partner think you have found each other’s mystery location, join up and find out if you are correct. Discuss with your partner if there are any possible ways to improve your clues.

3. Make any necessary changes to your clues.

  Did you follow the rules when chosing your point of elevation?
  Did your clues include adding and subtracting integers?

Did your clues include comparing integers?

  Did your clues involve opposite integers?
  Did you check to see if all of your clues combined give only one possible answer?