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Now that your school has started up a vermicomposting program, your principal has been thinking about what you can do with all the fertilizer (castings) the worms are producing. One idea is to create a school butterfly/wildflower garden, which could be funded by the sales of bags of the worm castings. What would be some of the benefits of this type of project?



grid paper

a ruler

a calculator (optional)

a geoboard (optional)

pattern blocks (optional)


Your principal has asked Grade 7 students to submit butterfly garden designs. With a partner, design a garden. Your design must include the following shapes:


three triangles

two parallelograms

two trapezoids

three complex shapes


Click on this link, Friends of the Rouge Watershed / Schools and Education / Ten Steps to a Wildflower/Butterfly Garden to learn more about butterfly gardens.

Find out:

  • the recommended size for your garden

  • the spacing of wild aggressive and non-aggressive wild plants

  • the minimum number of plants of one species that should be planted together


Discuss with your partner some of the elements you would like to include in your garden. Visit some of the following web sites for inspiration.


BBC - Gardening - Design - Design Inspiration

Vaux le Vicomte in pictures

Garden Design uk


On a piece of grid paper, draw a scale diagram of your garden. Remember, your gaden can be any shape, so think creatively.


Create a table to display the area and perimeter of the shapes you included in your design.


Explain how you calculated the area of the complex shapes you included in your design.


Friends of the Rouge Valley suggest putting logs around the perimeter of your garden to keep the sand in your garden from blowing away. How many metres of logs would you need? Explain your thinking.


What would be the minimum area, measured in metres, of a square flowerbed planted with aggressive wildflowers and a square flowerbed planted with less aggressive wildflowers if you followed the plant spacing advice given at the FRW web site? Explain your thinking.


In writing, describe your design.

Task Checklist
  Did you follow the design rules?

Did you label the different elements of your garden?

  Did you use a table to display the area and perimeter of each shape?
  Did you explain how you calculated the area of your complex shapes?
  Did you show your calculations and explain your thinking when asked?