Try It Out -- Chapter 9, Lesson 7

Maura ordered 170 boxes of grapefruit from Florida for students at her school. Each box contains 24 grapefruit. In the first week students ate 2040 grapefruit. In the second week students ate 1360 grapefruit. Order the steps Maura takes to calculate the number of boxes of grapefruit left after 2 weeks.

I counted how many uncoloured boxes were left.
I coloured 1/2 the boxes blue to represent the amount of grapefruit eaten in the first week.
I drew 170 squares to represent the boxes of grapefruit.
I coloured 1/3 of the boxes red to represent the amount of grapefruit eaten in the second week.
I counted about 28 1/3 boxes remaining after 2 weeks.


What is Maura’s first step?


What is her second step?


What is her third step?


What is her fourth step?


What is Maura’s final step?
Wilber needs 4 1/2  packages of valentines for his school, and 2 2/5 packages of valentines for his equestrian class. Using a number line Wilber calculated the amount of packages he would need altogether. Order the steps Wilber used to estimate the total.


If I add 4 1/2 and 2 1/2, I get 7 whole packages.
I know that the total is a little less than 7 whole packages.
On a number line I estimate that 4 1/2 is half way between 4 and 5.
On the number line I add 4 1/2 and  2 2/5 to get 6 9/10.


What is Wilber’s first step?


What is his second step?


What is his third step?


What is his final step?

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