Try It Out -- Chapter 2, Lesson 4: Communicating about Ratio and Rate Problems

Last season Kayla played 594 games and won 440 of those games Next season she is scheduled to play 540 games. She wants to know how many games she needs to win next season, to keep the same rate of games won. Order the steps she would take to solve the problem.
She wrote a proportion with a missing term for the number of games she needs to win next season.
The answer is 400. This is correct because 400 x 1.1 is 440 games.
She knows that she won 440 out of 594 games last season, and she will play 540 games next season.
The scale factor is 1.1 because 594 ¸ 1.1 is 540.


What is her first step?


What is her second step?


What is her third step?


What is her final step?

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