Try It Out -- Chapter 2, Lesson 3: Solving Rate Problems

Numeric Response


In 3 days, it rained 180 mm. On average, how many millimetres did it rain each day?



Fifteen marbles cost $1.80. How much did each marble cost?



A hummingbird flaps its wings 960 times in 12 seconds. How many times does it flap its wings in 13 seconds?



How many times will the hummingbird flap its wings in one minute?



Chang buys 4 litres of milk for $5.20. How many litres could he buy with $11.70?



Jill counts 171 votes in 45 seconds. At this rate, how many votes will she count in one minute?



A race car driver completed 60 laps in 1 hour and 30 minutes at a speed of 180 km/h. How many kilometres has she raced?



How many laps did the race car driver in question 7 complete in an hour?



Jacob’s mom drove 85 km at 60 km/h. How many minutes was the drive?


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